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Is this a Peaceful Demo.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

IS THIS TRUE....!?!?!?!?

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Playing for Oranges… kekekek......

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Wow....., What a Game....!!!!

It seems that ACB is the champions of Huravee &Ghaazee Cup 2005, even tonight after losing the match against the defending Champion Youth. ACB played a very good game with Youth, they loss the match by 2-3.

ACB left the tournament with 3 points, GF>8, GA>14, GD>-6 in three matches, and ACB got 3rd place of their Group.

We thank all players and supporters for their hard work in this Tournament. If they can show this magic next year.................

Friday, August 19, 2005

ACB Workshop Team returning this afternoon from GA.Atoll

Male' - Sources from ACB confirmed that ACB Workshop Team will be returning this afternoon. ACB's 2020 Commissioner Mr. Maadhui (valikukulhu) aslo went with this Team. Latest updates confirmed that they are now heading to Male'.....

ACB beat AG (Attorny) by 6-4

ACB grabs vital three points after beating AG (Attorny) by 6-4 in Today’s match. The match’s first goal was scored by Mohamed during the 5th minute of the match. ACB's Goals were scored by Mohamed, Majid, Zahir, Zaki, Ayya (charukays ayya).

The next match for ACB is with the defending Campion Youth. This would be a great match, since ACB has to win this to go through this tornament. Its very important to hold Youth by playing defensive game. This match will starts at 20:00 hrs in Maafannu Stadium.

ACB Team need more supports to win this match, in the last two matches only three supporters went to the ground to support ACB Team. So, we thank THOIBA, FATHY, AREEFA for their supports to ACB team. So, be there to show that you are also a player of the Team... a staff of ACB.... SHOW YOUR FRIENDSHIP....

ACB 0-7 MOE: A bad day for ACB Team....

ACB loss their match against MOE (Min. of Education) in the ongoing Ghaazee & Huravee Cup 2005 today. MOE scored 7 goals against ACB.

But ACB played quite a good game in today's match. They got many chances to score. But they are unlucky to score.

The next match for ACB is with AG (Attorney), this match will be on tomorrow morning at 8:00 am... Be there to support ACB....

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Qasim Ibrahim (Burumaa) appointed as Finance Minister

Mr. Qasim Ibrahim, Mr. Hussain Shihab and Mr. Abdulla Jihad, taking their oaths of office before the President on their appointment as Minister of Finance and Treasury, Minister of State for Arts and Minister of State for Finance and Treasury, respectively.

DO"Confirmed reports say that, this will come as a shock to many reformists as he has been siding with the reformists all this time and was even put in jail just last year."

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Maldives First Soccer Website

" is the leading soccer website which paves the way for more discoveries of soccer in the Republic of Maldives. This website also highlights the emergence of Maldivians' soccer in Asia. And you will get the live webcast of different matches . ("

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The tactics used to control riots in the past were simple -- they were based on the fact that the police were almost always better-armed than the rioters. The tactics they used basically consisted of forming a line and charging into the crowd. Today, the police are still well-armed, but tactics have advanced significantly in hopes of preventing injuries.

When a riot is in full swing, police will deploy in a square formation with a command team at the center. The command team is protected on all four sides by echelons of troops deployed in groups of 10 or 12 officers. There is also an arrest team at the center of the square.

As the unit moves forward into a crowd, it will prod and push at anyone who doesn't respond to requests to move away by the time the front echelon reaches them. If they still refuse to move, the unit continues moving forward, but the front echelon opens up and passes around the protestors. Once the protestors are inside the square, the unit stops, the front echelon reforms and the arrest team processes the rioters. When they're done, the unit can continue moving.


To understand how police control riots, first we need to understand how a riot gets started in the first place. A riot is a crowd that takes violent, illegal actions, reacting out of fear or anger. The crowd takes on a mob mentality -- the people making up the "mob" do things they normally would not do because the crowd makes them anonymous; this anonymity, combined with the actions of the rest of the crowd, makes them feel like they can smash, burn or beat whatever and whomever they want.

There are different kinds of riots, but almost all riots can be described in general terms as being like a fire. For a fire to start, two things are needed: fuel and a spark.

The fuel for a riot builds up over time. In many riots, the fuel can be years or even decades of racial prejudice, unfair treatment of the poor or antagonism between a company and a union. If people have no effective way of dealing with these problems or changing their situation, an undercurrent of anger and frustration grows stronger and stronger.

Once the fuel has built up, almost any spark can set it off. An incident that angers one group can turn them against another group. In many cases, an actual incident isn't even required -- just a rumor can spread through a group and turn deep-seeded anger into a violent outburst. >>>


Today's police forces are better equipped and better trained to deal with crowds that get out of control. Do you know, what causes riots, how police units approach crowd control problems and what equipment they use to clear the streets safely. You are about to catch it.... stay in touch

Anti-Corruption Workshop 2005 > GA.Atoll

Anti-Corruption Board (ACB) is hosting an Anti-Corruption Workshop at the Gaafu Alifu Atoll in this week. ACB helds one or two Worshops in different atolls of the country throughout the year.

Participants of the Anti-Corruption Workshops are drawn from various sectors of Government bodies only. No, representatives of the private and public sectors, religious, labour and professional bodies of civil society. kekeke.....

Sources from ACB confirmed that this workshop going to be the Super hit in this series.

ACB's 2020 Commissioner Mr.Maadui (Valikukulhu) also went with the team. We hope that this will be a hit for his Carrier and look foward hearing from him @

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Dean fikuru bodu vefai.....

It may happen... kekekek

Mee haadha loabi kujjeke dho......

Kaakuge dhariehtha....

ACB Commissioner in 2020

This is a good news for all ACBians. ACB's new generation Commissioner would be Mr.Maadui (Valikukulhu). He has planned many reform agendas. The most important thing in his reform is that, in his leadership no body has to come to Office in early morning, anybody can come anytime like " hakuraageah zanjeen annagothah..." kekekke.....

Super Model Kudey.....kekekek