Monday, August 15, 2005


The tactics used to control riots in the past were simple -- they were based on the fact that the police were almost always better-armed than the rioters. The tactics they used basically consisted of forming a line and charging into the crowd. Today, the police are still well-armed, but tactics have advanced significantly in hopes of preventing injuries.

When a riot is in full swing, police will deploy in a square formation with a command team at the center. The command team is protected on all four sides by echelons of troops deployed in groups of 10 or 12 officers. There is also an arrest team at the center of the square.

As the unit moves forward into a crowd, it will prod and push at anyone who doesn't respond to requests to move away by the time the front echelon reaches them. If they still refuse to move, the unit continues moving forward, but the front echelon opens up and passes around the protestors. Once the protestors are inside the square, the unit stops, the front echelon reforms and the arrest team processes the rioters. When they're done, the unit can continue moving.


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Guys did You make it for real. Do U think that this sh... will work? You present here allready dead and uneficient formation. This think can't work because it can not work. What U propose to do if the crouwd will atack the riot managing unit? What You propose to do if the first lines of rioters still refuse to move and the next lines will push them on your shields. This thing for sure will brake your formation.
You propose to take the rioters in square, but this means to step on one of the basics of riot control - to leave the space for dispearcing the crowd. If you' ll make this you'll case for sure injuries in crowd and you'll diperce your own forces. I suggest you to learn somethings and just then to expose some ideas on net.

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